Over Eighty Years of Success... and Many More to Come

In 1934 we were in the midst of the great depression, unemployment was almost 22% and Oklahoma was struggling with the “Dust Bowl” years. Despite these challenges, on November 16, 1934 Pete Dunn opened a lumber company, Commercial Lumber, providing valuable services to the Tulsa community and giving employment opportunities to the people of Tulsa. In 1947 the name was changed to Mill Creek Lumber, being named for the creek that ran along the back of the property.

Pete’s son, Jim, took over the leadership of the company in the early seventies after he finished his contributions to the Apollo Moon Missions through his work for TRW Systems on the Lunas Ascent rocket. Under Jim’s leadership Mill Creek grew and it was during that time that we began our carpet and tile business, opened our fixture and architectural millwork business that operates under the name of Wood Systems, and became the dominant lumber supplier in the market.

Jeff Dunn, Pete Dunn’s grandson has led the Mill Creek Companies since 2003. During that time he has led our company through the toughest economic times experienced since the great depression. Companies that are able to celebrate 50 years of business are rare and companies that have the opportunity to celebrate 80 years of being in business are even rarer.

What has allowed Mill Creek to enjoy over 80 years of business and be ready for many, many more? It is the fact that Mill Creek’s focus has always been on its people. Any company can build a building, stock materials, and buy equipment, but it takes the hiring and rewarding of outstanding people to grow and enjoy eighty years of business. The company with the best people almost always wins and Mill Creek has always worked to have the best people.